Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dresses 3 (with dresses that'll fit size M, L and XL)

Some of the dresses in this batch can fit both size M and L because I'm helping my cousin sell her things too so enjoy! =)
Sorry that the photos I'm in are blur, have to take it in the toilet cause I misplaced my tripod and the mirror in my toilet is really dusty! Couldn't be bother to wipe it so I blurred to make the dust less apparent! (It's gross in my opinion!)
And yes all 10% off!
Name: Blue leopard print dress
Fits size S (with cinch), M, L
My cousin feels that it's too short.

Name: Blue floral printed dress
Fits size M, L

Name: Fish-scale dress
Fits size XS, S and M
Being able to tighten it at your waist and the asymmetrical cut's makes this dress flattering.
Too colourful for my liking!

Name: Trench dress
Fits size XS, S, M

Name: Sweet chiffon dress
Fits size M, L
The artwork on it is really cute and there's lining inside! =)
Name: Slouchy dress
Fits size L, XL

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